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Get Healthy, Lose Weight!


Oralia Acosta and Véronique Eberhart


How would you feel if you could:

  • Regain energy?
  • Have clarity and focus?
  • Brighten your mood?
  • Move with ease?
  • Release weight naturally?


(Of course, you would, who wouldn’t, right?)


 Get Healthy, Lose Weight is a step-by-step proven four-week nutritional program combined with the power of energy psychology to fuel your body, and kick the sugar habit for good!


The nutritional portion of the program is based on the Whole 30, enhanced by weekly coaching,  menus, tips, tricks, and the personal experience of our own nutritional expert and health coach, Oralia Acosta.


This “Nutrilicious” diet is NOT calorie restrictive, and NOT another low-carb trick.  It uses the proven benefit of an “elimination” diet where inflammatory foods are off limits for 4 weeks thus giving the body a chance to heal naturally and release unwanted pounds.  And you needn’t worry, there is plenty of delicious (or nutrilicious food, as we say ;)) food to enjoy!

The mindset and emotional aspect of reclaiming energetic, vibrant health and releasing excess weight are very often not addressed in most programs.  At most, one will be warned about “side effects” like mood swings, uncontrollable cravings, and be told to “suck it up.”


This is not our approach at all!  We choose to use the clinically proven power of energy psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka Tapping), to help you release the emotional blocks, cravings, doubts, fears, body image conflicts and anything that thus far has prevented you from achieving success.


Through EFT, you will access the innate wisdom of the body to release stress, and slash the unhealthy link to emotional eating.


Both health and EFT coaching can be used individually as healthy weight loss approach.  Together they deliver a 1 -2 PUNCH to the weight loss conundrum.  By combining both aspects, the “how to” and the “why” this program gives you a real possibility to successfully get healthy and lose weight!



Oralia Acosta




Véronique Eberhart






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