Bacon has had a bad reputation for quite some time in the health community with claims that it causes high cholesterol & leads to serious health conditions. In truth, bacon has surprising health benefits that make it a great addition to any nutrition program!

5 Reasons Bacon Is Good For You:

  1. Bacon Contains Healthy Nutrients
    • Bacon contains Thiamin, B-12, Zinc, and Selenium which are all vital nutrients that the body doesn’t produce on its own. 
    • The B-vitamins in bacon fight anemia, help you to maintain high energy levels, and help move nutrients through the circulatory system keeping everything working properly. 
    • Zinc and Selenium are vital antioxidants necessary for immune health. When the body doesn’t receive enough nutrients and antioxidants, cells start breaking down at a faster rate. 
  2. Bacon Contains Healthy Fats
    • Unlike many people believe, bacon doesn’t contain the harmful form of fat- Transfats. These harmful fats are man-made and used as a preservative.
    • Bacon actually has less fat and cholesterol than many popular cuts of beef and chicken. 
    • Bacon has the highest protein to fat content of any meat making it a great post-workout snack!
  3. Bacon Improves Your Mood… Not Just Because It’s Delicious!
    • Because bacon is so nutritious, it is a natural mood enhancer that helps encourage a positive mental state. The umami in bacon has a positive neurological impact on the brain. 
    • Bacon has a happy and blissful effect after eating. Just a few strips can cause improved mood, feelings of satisfaction, and lowers stress levels. 
    • We already know that stress is harmful to the body. Although there are other options for managing stress, they usually take some time. Why wait for those solutions to kick in? Fry up a healthy portion and feel the effects immediately!
  4. Bacon Actually Protects The Heart & Other Organs
    • Myth: bacon causes heart disease
    • Bacon contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids which reduces cholesterol and improves heart health overall. 
    • High cholesterol is a problem for many people, but eating bacon can lower bad cholesterol numbers while raising good numbers over time. 
    • Bacon contains Choline which helps protect the heart from damage and disease. Choline is suggested for treatment of healing abnormalities. It is also essential for fetal brain development during pregnancy. 
  5. Bacon Reduces Rates Of Brain-Related Illnesses. 
    • When problems develop in the brain it leads to odd behaviors, memory loss, and ultimately death when left untreated.
    • Remember how important we said Choline is for heart health? Well, Choline is also a necessary component for brain health! A balanced diet containing Choline shows reduced rates of memory loss over time. It is used to treat mental impairments including Alzheimer’s Disease and similar Dementia diseases. 
    • Eating bacon can improve memory, intelligence testing, and reduces the speed of damage from Dementia. 
    • Also, since it is so good for memory, bacon is a great breakfast during the school year!

In conclusion, bacon is good for your health in appropriate portions. As with everything, BALANCE is key. Now, go ahead… eat more bacon!