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Hi, Chris Chaput here! I’m a Friendswood top fitness trainer and I wanted to tell you about a special program I have that I think you’ll really like. It’s called our Custom Fit for Fall Program, and it gets you substantial fitness results fast. In fact, I want to show you a few

Mold exposure is the new pandemic: Do something about it before it gets worse!

Mold is a type of fungus that grows moist areas. Bathrooms and basements are typically the places where we would see mold growth. But any moist areas in the home can be moldy if there are water leaks and the conditions are ideal for mold growth such as drywall, ceiling

Headaches afflict people of all ages

  Whether they’re moderately uncomfortable or throbbing like a jackhammer, headaches afflict people of all ages. According to theWorld Health Organization (WHO), close to 50% of adultsworldwide have experienced a headache within the last year. Missed work and school days often result when the pounding pain prevents sufferers from attending to their daily tasks.

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