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The Un-Diet Diet

The Un-diet Diet The problem with most diets is they’re…diets. They’re followed for a relatively short period of time with the intent of “getting back” to the pre-diet way of eating. Here’s a nutritional plan so simple: Avoid man-made – That means avoiding genetically modified foods and those altered with man-made

Recharging Your Body

Just as we clean our houses, cars and workspaces, sometimes, our bodies need a little cleaning up too. A few options you might consider to help set the stage for better health include: Cleanse: A cleanse is designed to remove toxins from the body. This process often involves using lemon, ginger

Giving away free “medicine”!

Research scientists have spent considerable time investigating the effects of laughter. They have found that laughter can help patients recover from illnesses because it tends to lower blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels, and recharges the body’s immune system. Laughter is also known to release the body’s natural painkilling substances

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