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Five Ways Dark Chocolate Is The Perfect Superfood

You know chocolate tastes great, but now science has delivered the best news yet: Dark chocolate may just be nature’s perfect superfood. The discovery that chocolate is a healthy food is relatively new for our modern culture that has always treated it as a sinful indulgence. But the civilizations of Mesoamerica

The Superior Benefits of Magnesium and the Whole Food Matrix

The Superior Benefits of Magnesium and the Whole Food Matrix Magnesium (Mg) is an essential nutrient, participating in a variety of body functions and supporting multiple body systems. Read on to identify magnesium’s key functions, understand the value of Mg supplementation in a whole food matrix, and get a glimpse

Fat Is Your Friend

Fat Is Your Friend One of the biggest health care hoaxes perpetrated during the last decade or so is the notion that “fat is bad.” If you want to enjoy your highest health potential, you need to know the truth about this common (and incorrect) belief about fat. Fat is

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