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Do You Have Antibiotics in Your Food?

There are more antibiotics in your food than you realize. What’s worse, many strains of these antibiotics only have limited research of their effects on human health. It’s long overdue that North Americans take a good hard look at the widespread use of antibiotic drugs in farming. Conventional farming administers

Early Warning Signs of High Blood Sugar (and How to Reverse it Naturally)

The American Diabetes Association had estimated that around 86 million Americans suffer from pre-diabetes. Furthermore, in case you don’t make certain lifestyle and dietary changes, this condition can greatly increase your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, high blood sugar or diabetes is developed in case the body is not

The Truth About Birth Control Pills.

ACCORDING TO A LOT OF DOCTORS: Got acne? Take the pill. Got PMS? Take the pill. Got irregular cycles? Take the pill. Don’t want to get pregnant? Take the pill.   BUT WAIT A SECOND—SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.   Why not instead: Address the gut for inflammation, digestive weakness, and

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