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Skincare Ingredients Causing Ecotoxicity?

Earth Day has come and gone, but we should still be aware of the impact we have on our environment!Some of the chemicals hidden in our serums, masks, and moisturizers can have a harmful effect on the environment after they’re washed from our faces, down drains and into our oceans, and

It’s All In The Gut!!

Spring and summer are a joy, unless you’re one of millions who suffer with seasonal allergies. Then it can be a really miserable couple of seasons of sniffling, scratchy throat, coughing, itchy eyes – or the alternative – taking medications that make you sleepy or even more detrimental side effects that

What YOUR nails say about YOU?

Your fingernails reveal much about your health. So much so, nail polish and artificial nails must be removed prior to surgery. Fingernails protect the nerves at the tips of our fingers with a layer of keratin. This protein forms a protective shield, taking up to three months to grow. A

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