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How to Spot Dangerous Chemicals in Dish Soap & Find Something Better.

If you ever tried reading the label on your dish soap you might feel like you’re reading a foreign language, since many ingredients are listed by their chemical name. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about the common ingredients in dish soap which are linked to cancer, asthma, neurological problems, skin

If your hands and feet are always cold it could be a warning.

You may not realize it, but your body contains a super highway. It’s the system of arteries and veins that carry blood to all your organs and tissues. It carries waste away too. When your circulation system is working well, all your cells get the nutrients and oxygen that they

5 Ways to Get More Sleep When Traveling Long Distances

  With it being summer time, that means vacation! Vacation means traveling and random hotel rooms and sometimes it is hard to get a good nights rest because it just doesn’t feel like your bed at home. If you are a business traveler that travels long distances regularly then you

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