With it being summer time, that means vacation! Vacation means traveling and random hotel rooms and sometimes it is hard to get a good nights rest because it just doesn’t feel like your bed at home. If you are a business traveler that travels long distances regularly then you know how tough it can be to get the kind of restful and restorative sleep that you need when you’re dealing with the demands of traveling. Jet lag, changing time zones, multiple plane changes, airport delays, hotel delays, sleeping in unfamiliar places and so on can really wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. So how can you get the kind of recuperative sleep that you need when you’re traveling? Here are 5 tips to help you get some sleep when you’re traveling long distances:


  1. Pack earplugs – One of the biggest annoyances that can keep you from sleeping on the plane or in your hotel room is noise. People speaking, background noises, or any kind of unfamiliar noise can keep you awake or keep you from reaching the deepest stage of sleep that you need in order to feel really refreshed.  Get the foam kind that expand in your ear, you can get them at any drugstore, and they won’t block out all noise but they will block out a lot of background noise.


  1. Have your own blanket – When you’re traveling long distances you’ll probably be exposed to different temperatures depending on where you are.  One way that you can deal with changing temperatures is to have your own blanket with you in case you get cold. A Pashmina cashmere shawl is a great accessory to bring with you when you’re traveling long distances because it’s light, it won’t wrinkle even if you wad it up in your pocket or bag, and it’s made of luxurious warm, soft cashmere fibers. A standard shawl is about 30 inches by 80 inches so it’s the perfect size to double as a blanket on the plane or on a train.


  1. Watch your diet – Even though you will be tempted to go for the fried and fatty foods after a long trip loading up on carbs and fried food will only make it harder for you to sleep.  Eat as many fresh vegetables and healthy food as you can and it will help your body stay on track.


  1. Get some exercise – After being stuck on a plane for hours or waiting in airports for delayed flights going out to get some exercise is probably the last thing on your mind but exercising can really help you sleep more soundly when you’re traveling long distances.  Most hotels have gym facilities where you can walk on a treadmill or use an exercise bike, or you can just walk around the airport for half an hour or so while you’re waiting for your flight.


  1. Bring familiar items with you – Do you have a small pillow that you always sleep with, or a particular book that you always read before bed, or a special photo that you keep by your bed? Maybe your bed linens at home have a particular fragrance from the laundry soap that you use or a bed linen spray. If there is something like a book, a photo, or a particular scent that you associate with sleep then bring that with you when you’re traveling. Having something familiar that you associate with bedtime and sleep and the comfort of home will help you sleep no matter where you are.


So whether you are traveling for business or just pure fun vacation, your body still needs its rest. Keep in mind these simple tips to make sure you are 100% while you travel.

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