An important part of a healthy diet is eating enough fiber.

Fiber is the indigestible part of our food. It passes through our bodies without breaking down and being absorbed. Even though it has little nutritional value, fiber is crucial to the digestive process. There are two kinds.

Insoluble fiber – This is the roughage or structural part of plants. Think of it as the “package” that transports the nutritional part of the plant. Obvious examples are celery, popcorn hulls, nuts, apples and fruits with edible skins.

Soluble fiber – This type of fiber forms a gel-like material when dissolved in water. It helps you feel “full” and helps reduce blood sugar spikes. Soluble fiber is found in peas, beans, citrus fruits, carrots, oats, and other grains.

We don’t digest fiber, but it helps move material through our digestive system. Those with constipation or irregular stools may not be getting enough fiber.

If you are experiencing these kinds of bowel movement issues, inform your practitioner at your next appointment. We can help regulate this area and get it working holistically with the rest of your body!

In good health, 
Dr. Serge
Dr. Stacey 

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