Over the last few weeks, I have received multiple questions and requests following my articles on the thyroid and what to do about it. Here’s my final thoughts on this.

We have learned that factors like chlorine (or other toxins), gluten, and infectious agents (like virus, yeast/fungi, parasites) trigger thyroid issues like hypo/hyper, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s disease, goiter, among others.

The first step that has to be taken is to identify these factors. To my knowledge, the best tool to perform this is Nutrition Response Testing. It allows to pinpoint exactly what stresses your body. Once we know what is causing or aggravating your situation, we can handle it using a personalized design nutritional program. Each person is different and the causes may be different as well. I have seen several patients with thyroid issues in the office and each of them was unique, meaning their nutritional programs were adjusted based on their individual needs.

Once these factors are eliminated, it is time to properly nourish the thyroid. Most people know that the thyroid is needing iodine to function. But most of us forget that the thyroid also needs several B vitamins, zinc, selenium, tyrosine, manganese, vanadium, vitamin C, among others. Consuming a variety of foods is important to cover all the nutrients that the body required on a daily basis. Taking nutritional supplements design to support and heal the thyroid is also important to rebalance your body and hormones.

Yours in health,

Dr Serge

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