We have been hearing more about sugar lately. In the 80s, scientists and doctors recommended to cut down our fat intake in order to avoid heart disease. Consequently, this led to an increase in the consumption of sugar and carbs. Nowadays, scientists are starting to realize that they may have made a mistake and that sugar is the actual culprit behind the epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and several other chronic issues.

Refined sugar is empty calorie. There is no nutrients in it, it is just 100% sugar. As a consequence, the body recognizes and processes sugar as it is a toxin. It depletes the tissues from calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and a variety of other minerals. This leads to the issues mentioned in the first paragraph.

Sugar may or may not include refined table sugar, grains like wheat, corn, rice, etc. and fruits in some cases. How strict you have to be about sugar depends on the severity of your conditions and how long what you have been struggling with them.

After saying this, there is some options out there to sweeten our foods. Stevia is the best sweetener. Then we have coconut sugar, dates, and honey. These are highly rich in vitamins and minerals which help the body in processing and assimilating these sweeteners. The negative impact on the body is greatly reduced.

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yours in health,
Dr Serge

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