The Un-diet Diet

The problem with most diets is they’re…diets. They’re followed for a relatively short period of time with the intent of “getting back” to the
pre-diet way of eating.

Here’s a nutritional plan so simple:

  1. Avoid man-made – That means avoiding genetically modified foods and those altered with man-made chemicals.
  2. Spoil quickly – Choose foods that have a relatively short shelf life.
  3. Reject white – White foods, whether refined sugar or bleached flour, are processed in ways that destroy their nutritional integrity.
  4. Supplement as necessary – These days, even some organic foods, may be lacking some of the nutritional value that they used to have.On your next visit, ask what we would recommend. Remember, if you aren’t sure if a food is good for you, bring it in so that we can make sure it is a “yes” for you. Food is either a medicine or a toxin. Choose wisely:)

    Also, we have reorganized our recipe book (located in the lobby) that is filled with copies intended for your personal use.

Let’s get healthy…together!!

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