Ah, Summer! It’s the perfect time of year to
gather with friends and family for a BBQ by the pool! 

I’ll take a medium-well burger with
a side of carcinogens, please…

Did you know that there are health risks associated with grilling your foods?
The smoky, charred flavor is one we all begin to drool over once it’s springtime, but perhaps we should be taking extra precaution in preparing our flame-broiled foods. It is that smoky flavor and char that could cause a decline in your health. 

When the fat drips down and hits the coals, it creates smoke that contains
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and the charred exterior of meat is
full of Heterocyclic Amines (HAC)- both of which are linked to cancer.

You may be asking, “What is a life worth living without backyard BBQ’s?”
No worries… we’ve got some ideas:

1. MARINATE!! Mmmm…..
2. Par-cook your foods before placing on the grill.
3. Simply cut off the charred pieces of food. 

For the full blog with more information on keeping your BBQ foods safe,
click the link below:


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Dr. Serge Gregoire, Ph.D, CCH

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