There are cancer causing ingredients in vaccines…..proven! The government is advising all citizens take an ever increasing schedule of vaccines, even though no vaccine has ever been documented to improve immunity or resistance to disease. Plus, each vaccine not only contains cancer causing ingredients, all vaccines contain brain damaging ingredients as well.

The wireless radiation in schools is also proven to cause cancer. The never ending barrage of junk food served in schools, also proven to cause cancer. 

Then parents get concerned and even surprised when their children get cancer…….and, of course, it’s never the wireless devices that the parents buy for their children…it’s the cell phone towers. Actually, it’s BOTH. It only makes sense, if you don’t think about it. Some parents simply “go along to get along”.

What parents need to focus on is how they allow our government and media system to feast on their children, without question or resistance.

Instead, think twice before giving them a cancer-causing Ipad to play with all day and feeding them “junk”. The average citizen shows little to no responsibility for problems they personally create in their own lives or the lives of their children.  Be a citizen of responsibility…think before you act. 

In good health, 
Dr. Serge 
Dr. Stacey 

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