Carolyn came for weight loss, fatigue, insomnia, allergies and overall ache. She struggled her whole life with weight and she claimed that she had done everything to help her and nothing ever happened.  After following our customized program, she started losing weight but after several months into the program, She plateaued. We performed several tests but they all came back negative. Finally, we decided to look at her diet and identified what was the real issue. We found out that she was eating about 10-12 cucumbers a day in her juices/smoothies and unfortunately her body developed a sensitivity to it and was preventing her from  losing weight. We recommended her to stop eating/drinking it and she started losing weight again.

Cucumbers? Really?

Our body can develop an intolerance to anything.  This could be your food, mold in your environment or even substances in your mattress.

There are so many diets out there claiming to be THE BEST weight loss program!  And this is probably true. They all work to some extent.
The truth is, there’s no one-fit-all diet.  That’s why you may fail where someone else succeed.

We’ve seen a patient with inflammatory bowel disease caused by the garlic supplement she was taking ( to be in better health) or a lady who decided to replace cow’s milk with soy milk with disastrous results.

Changing your diet is like joining a gym. You may need help making sure your are not worsening your condition.

And this is what we do…

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