Every organ of the body possesses a small pool of cells that, when properly stimulated, can help to revitalize the organ. What is we can use this concept to recharge your body and slow down the aging process and maybe even reverse the aging of the organs? This principle is the basis of the new nutritional science called Organotherapy. Organotherapy is based on the idea and understanding that organs respond to tissues that have a similarity to the same tissues in the human body, no matter what their species of origin. This is called tissue memory.

Organotherapy shares some similarities with endocrinology. Whereas the field of endocrinology administers exogenous substances to replace those from a dysfunctional gland or organ, Organotherapy aims to restore the function of the gland or organ so it can once again function properly and produce the proper substances requited for health. Take hypothyroidism, a thyroid deficiency cause when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, for example. In Organotherapy, a thyroid hormone extract is used to stimulate and restore thyroid balance. Organotherapy is used to repair the organs, and should be used in the first process of healing.


Organotherapy in its simplest explanation, it to repair the human organs so that they function properly, and it is based on two fundamental laws:

  1. Identical organs: When a diseased organ is present, an identical healthy organ extract with corrected information is administered to rectify the organ.
  2. Organ medicine is used to strengthen organs, glands, and tissues weakened by toxins.


Organotherapy is suggested to stimulate organ functions, depending of the tissues, while other substances may help to prevent antibodies from being formed against the organs. The idea is that organs can recognize the healthy cells and start reproducing once inside the liver or pancreas.


Benefits of Organotherapy

Clinical experience has shown that Organotherapy may be used for a number of conditions and issues, and that the benefits include:

  • Stimulates sluggish organs, glands, or tissues activity
  • Balances organs, glands, or tissue activity
  • Slows down accelerated organs, glands, or tissues activity
  • Can restore the function of any glands or organs


Different forms of Organotherapy exist. In our case, we use a line of products that target specific pools of cells that has the ability to regenerate the organ and give its vitality and youth back.

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