Now starting a new life isn’t easy, along with the responsibility of your health comes other road bumps. Almost ALL of our patients struggle in the first 2-9 weeks.

NO ONE said this would be easy…

…but it will be worth it!

So today I’m typing this entry so you don’t feel like you’re the only one who has come to complications.


The first part of all of this healthy living is DETOX! Get rid of all the nasty junk in your body so you can begin to feel better.

Some patients find themselves not feeling too well or even sick within the first 3 weeks of the program. Most of the time this means either your detox is too much to handle all at once for your body so a step back may be needed OR, this may further confirm that you are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT!

This detox is a must for your body: some “Detox Reaction” or “Healing Crisis” signs can consist in acne, constipation, loose bowels, cold/flu like symptoms, itching or even a small rashes. Don’t be alarmed by any of these things, they are all normal reactions to a new detox.

See it this way: you are RE-teaching proper nutrition to your body and correcting all the things accumulated over the years. You have most likely taken all kinds of medication for these issues and it hasn’t helped, don’t give up on us that easy!


Another issue patients have to deal with is their diet. Each patients’ diet protocol varies depending on what their body lacks.

Sometimes it takes about 3-12 weeks for patients to comply with their diet. We know you can’t give up all these yummy but harmful foods all at once such as bread, ice cream, snickers, cereal or McDonald’s…it’s a process!

Until I’m confident you are giving your body the fuel needed for it to be the healthy machine you were made to be, you’ll have to turn in your food log: at every visit, you and I will go over what you have eaten for the past 7 days. I will then give recommendations to other health options and work with you on your diet guidelines.

If you aren’t sure how to read labels or how to tell if the food you’re eating is directly affecting you: JUST ASK!

I will advise that you bring your chosen food on your next visit and we can test it using NRT to see if it is harmful to your immune system.

What’s next?

After the initial shock of this life-changing experience, you’ll start feeling better. You will begin to realize other health problems you may have dealt with for a while. For example: you have had chronic migraines for 7 years and this is why you sought help from our practice. Once the root cause of your migraines is found, by following a nutrition program and reversing the affect it has had on your day to day life, you may realize that your joint pain may have diminished since you could not function with migraines.

Now the only pain you have is the pain in your hands and feet? Let me know! Your hands and feet pain may be the next step in your overall healing.

Never omit to mention something if doctors have constantly told you it can’t be reversed or “cured”, all things are possible!

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