This time of the year several people have a motivation to get back in shape and specifically to lose weight. Today, we wanted to relay our experiences with people who are having a very hard time losing weight.

We always see at least 2 components in these cases:

1. The diet has to be looked at very carefully. Any type of food can slow down weight loss and stop it completely. We have seen people have issues with crackers, apples, bananas, cucumbers, nuts, etc. In other words, the body was sensitive to these foods, and the body couldn’t lose weight. Therefore, the diet is the primary component we need to look at very carefully.

2. The second factor that underlies stubborn weight issue is what we call “obesogenic” molecules. These are another word for toxins. These toxins are hormonal disruptors meaning they lead to a hormonal imbalance that makes it hard to lose weight. Different glands like the thyroid and the adrenals are being affected, and it will take time to rebalance everything out to normal function. The good news is…there is hope and Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) can definitively help with this situation.

Yours in health,

Dr. Serge & Dr. Stacey 

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