This week, I’ll briefly talk about statins. To me, statins are one of the worst medication out there. Here’s why:

Not only are statin medications failing to impact on our most prevalent disease, but they are causing more harm than good.
Cholesterol is crucial for energy, immunity, fat metabolism, leptin, thyroid hormone activity, liver related synthesis, protection from stress, adrenal function, sex hormone syntheses and brain function.

Only middle aged men with coronary heart disease benefit from taking statins, but even in these cases statins may only work in the short term and should be stopped before adverse effects can take hold.

High cholesterol levels have been found to be protective in elderly and heart failure patients.

The statin industry is the utmost medical tragedy of all times.
A government report in Canada found an overestimation of benefit and underestimation of harm where statins are concerned.

Statins are associated with triple the risk of coronary artery and aortic calcification.

Yours in Health,
Dr Serge

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