This week, I wanted to elaborate on one main factor that causes thyroid malfunction.In more than 90% of cases of hormonal/thyroid issues we see in the office, we find chlorine as being a major endocrine disruptor.

An endocrine disruptor is a chemical that interferes with the hormonal system. Based on chemistry, chlorine is similar to iodine. And when there is accumulation of chlorine in the body, chlorine would displace the iodine in the thyroid gland. In order words, the thyroid would utilize chlorine instead of iodine, leading to thyroid dysfunction. In addition, it is well known that chlorine neutralizes iodine in the body making it inert. Consequently, the thyroid is lacking iodine and can’t function properly.

In most cases, a gentle detox of the thyroid gland is the first step. Then, supplementation with iodine is required in order to restore the function of the thyroid.

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yours in health,
Dr Serge

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