It depends how serious you are about getting rid of it but the answer is YES!

I once had a case of unexplained leg pain, insomnia and digestive issues.  She met with the best pain specialists,  took all kind of pain medication. Nothing worked. As her last resort, she came to see us.

We identified a soy and wheat sensitivities as well as pesticides poisoning from years of gardening. We cleaned her diet and gave her supplements to get rid of toxins in her body . After a few months,  she was feeling better but not 100% well which did not make sense. We went over the data we collected since the beginning and analyzed her diet and lifestyle. We found out that her leg pain started right after she bought this very expensive blanket with a unique fabric from Italy. We tested her and her body was reactive to the blanket. Because she spent a lot of money on it, she did not want to get rid of it. We had to find a solution. We actually eliminated her sensitivity to the fabric using Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique (AACT)  and her leg pain completely disappear in a few sessions.

Our patients usually met with a conventional health specialist before they meet with us.  When we assess them, they already tried several things in vain.

Being able to help them is a giving and this kind of stories are our daily motivation…

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