Build a successful career, eat a clean diet, exercise every day, raise the kids to be amazing human beings, maintain the home, create a nurturing social life… 
it never ends!!

With the growing demands that life throws at us daily, we can
become overwhelmed with our own goals, priorities, and obstacles.
Rather than becoming absorbed in the stress of our own challenges,
studies show that we should spend more time focused on helping others
in order to maintain our mental health and overall well-being. 

Altruism: putting other people’s needs before our own.
By practicing altruism, we not only help others but also reduce our own stress levels, as well as improve our mood, self-esteem, and happiness. Some ways you can be a positive light in the lives of others is by volunteering, mentoring,
charity work and performing random acts of kindness!

1. Help others feel good!
2. Encourage a sense of belonging!
3. Keep things in perspective!
4. Make the world a happier place- it’s contagious!!

1. Reduces Stress!
2. Eliminate negativity!
3. Live longer!

Performing random acts of kindness require little to no effort,
but will make a great impact on someone’s day… here are some ideas!

-Send a hand-written letter or thank you note!
-Return someone’s grocery cart!
-Offer to babysit for an over-worked Mom!
-Pick up litter on the sidewalk!
-SMILE and say, “Hello!” to a stranger!

At MBS our goal is to help others find their way to a healthy and happy life.
Did you know that your mental health can be impacted by the food you eat?
Using NRT, we can discover what organs are deficient and
determine what nutrients your body is lacking. 

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Dr. Serge Gregoire, Ph.D, CCH
Dr. Stacey Delgado, DC
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