“No Sense In Crying Over Spilt Milk!”

You’ve heard it all of your life, “There’s no sense in crying over spilt milk,”
but does this phrase actually hold true to your diet? It means that there is no sense in being upset about something you can’t change and the truth of the matter is that dairy can be toxic for your body… so now what? You can’t change the dangerous effects that it has on your health, but you can find tasty alternatives to the creamy food group we’ve all grown to love so much!

WHY Is Dairy Bad?

1. You probably can’t digest it properly!
Three-quarters of us lack the enzyme
to properly digest cow’s milk.

2. It actually increases your risk of osteoporosis & fracture! 
We absorb just 30% of the calcium found in dairy,
but we absorb twice the amount of calcium if we eat veggies!

3. There are lots of hormones in milk!
Because dairy cows are kept on sex hormones to lactate,
when you consume dairy, you’re also taking in a significant
amount of estrogen & progesterone- even if it’s organic!

4. It increases your risk of cancer! 
Increased exposure to estrogen increases the
risk of cancer and dairy accounts for 60%-80%
of estrogens consumed by humans today.

5. There are LOTS of contaminants in milk!
Dairy products contribute from 1/4 to 1/2 of most people’s
dietary intake of dioxins (any highly toxic compound
produced as the result of some manufacturing processes). 

At MBS our goal is to help people live a healthy, happy life!
Using NRT, we can discover whether cow’s milk is harmful to
your body then recommend whole food, plant-based
supplements to correct any imbalances.

Not sure how to cook without dairy? Let us suggest our
favorite organic, dairy-free alternatives as well as tasty recipes
that will satisfy your cravings for the creamy white gold!

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Dr. Serge Gregoire, Ph.D, CCH

Dr. Stacey Delgado, DC
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